November 5, 2013 – How quickly emotions change

Today was our first play therapy/family therapy at United Through Hope.  We have a lot of issues with Roger not listening to me or my husband, following our directions, heeding our warnings of anything dangerous, etc.  The session was really good and I received a lot of good feedback.  I left feeling very optimistic.  I had a couple of nice hours with Roger afterwards before it was time to work.

However, now I hear my little man screaming at the sitter for not fulfilling his list of demands or not wanting to listen to her telling him not to do dangerous things (playing with sockets).  I guess the honeymoon period with the sitter is over.  The honeymoon period usually lasts longer than the few weeks she has been his sitter.  Are his behaviors getting worse?  Is he not as concerned with how others will react to his meltdowns?  Suddenly, my mood has switched from happy to concerned and, I have to admit, sad.

This will not be a quick or easy fix.  We have a lot of work to do ahead of us.  I know our sitter will have to be onboard and make the necessary changes as well.  We currently have a high school sitter, so I am fearing this may be too much to expect from her.   I also fear that my husband, not being able to attend the play sessions,  may not be able to act consistently with the way I am being taught.

We all have to be aware, open to learning, and be consistent.  I am glad we have a second session scheduled this upcoming Friday.  I need to work my hardest to ensure a happy mommy, a happy daddy, and, most importantly, a happy Roger.

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