October 30, 2013 – Pre-Halloween Sickness

This morning I was not awoken by a toddler’s fingers in my face telling me “mommy wake up”.  I did have a toddler tossing and turning next to me, but he was quiet and not as restless as he usually is when he wakes.  I put my arm around him and felt wetness.  I touched his face, the sheets, pillow, turned my phone on and saw the evidence — my poor baby boy was sick.

So the day for us started with the changing of the sheets, the changing of the boy and mom, a wiping of the floor, a bath for the two of us, another wiping of a different part of the floor, another outfit change, two loads of laundry, another outfit change for both of us, another floor clean up….you see the pattern.

We went to the pediatrician who subscribed an anti-nausea medication for the lil man.  He seems to be doing better.  He even napped with me on the couch (which may be an all-time first for him).

After all the laundry was done and Roger fell asleep, I finally had an hour “to myself”.  I watched a bit of Parenthood, made some therapy related calls, relaxed…

I am hoping he is feeling up to a teeny bit of trick-or-treating tomorrow evening…this is the first year he is actually excited to dress up and knows the phrase trick-or-treat.  Fingers crossed!

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