Waiting to feel better

My thyroid appointment on Friday went different than I expected.  The surgeon completed an ultrasound in the office and went over my sonogram with me.  From the looks of my ultrasound, I did not need a fine needle biopsy.  However, we did discuss my various symptoms (which still could be linked to thyroid or hormones or, perhaps, my extreme allergies, or some combination of all).  The lump when I swallow and hoarseness most likely are thyroid related.  She said my options are to 1. “wait and see”, come back in 6 months, and do another ultrasound or 2. if the symptoms interfere too much in my daily life, I can have surgery to have the thyroid removed.  I am choosing option 1 for the time being.

As stated in an earlier post, 13 days ago I started a new hormone therapy that my OB/GYN told me would change my life.  I am still waiting…Now, in addition to all my other symptoms, I can add the symptom of incredibly painful breasts.  YAY Me!  I left a message and am waiting to hear back.  The plan should be that they will give me an extra hormone boost and, hopefully, that’ll change things for the better.

In the meantime, I have been trying to be as “healthy” as I can seem around Roger. We went rollerskating in the park Sunday morning.  Last week, after he got better from strep, I took him to the pool.  I always feel badly that I always feel badly.  “Mom is sick”, “mom rest”, “mom needs to take a nap”, “mom is in pain”, “mom is going to the doctor”, “mom needs to sleep overnight at the doctor’s office”.  Roger has been bombarded with these statements.  I am hoping that he will not hear those nearly as often in the near future.

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