Killing it!…for 3 days

This past week has rocked and I am proud of myself.  With my constant physical, mental and emotional health issues, I have been barely existing and using my only energy for my son, Roger.  This week, however, I have concentrated and focused on work, some light housekeeping, and, most impressively, exercise!  I feel like I am getting back into the groove of life.

This morning, for exercise, I took my old walk path.  Although living in flat Texas, the walking trails in Highland Village are incredibly hilly with “Caution: Steep Hill” signage.  It kicked my butt, especially in this horrible heat (even at 9 am).  However, I did enjoy the two quick conversations with strangers along my route.  One had two adorable pugs (my absolute dream dog that I am highly allergic to….one can still dream).  The other was an overheated lady, like myself.  I thought to myself, “I love my neighborhood”…and “Although residing in the state of TX, I think I could live here a very long time”.  The return walk sucked ass but I made it…what else could I do?

Yesterday, I went to kickboxing with a good friend of mine.  It has been a many month hiatus and was glad to have the good company to chat with as I tried to keep my composure while working out.  I really did not try that hard to keep my composure – cursing, stopping, heart rate too high.  But, again, I made it!

Monday, I weighed myself and was my highest weight in my entire life – including full pregnancy.  I know one should not put value in the scale, but it was the motivation I needed (now that I can be motivated, thank you meds)!


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