Slow Brain

Ruminating over the past couple days (since I missed yesterday’s blog – my child was home sick from school).  Due to lack of sleep (a whopping 4 hours last night), it is really hard for me to remember two days ago!  Isn’t that ridiculous?

I do recall riding my stationary bike extra long so I could finish season 4 of Bates Motel on Netflix.  My legs were extra sore yesterday, which made me conclude that yesterday would be a rest day for me.

And now, as I try to form my thoughts into a cohesive sentence/paragraph/blog, I realize my lack of sleep is affecting that as well, which is making me conclude that today will be a “blog rest day” for me.


One thought on “Slow Brain

  1. Good for you Leah. I noticed that you’ve been posting on Free Calorie Counter, and that you are burning an incredible amount of calories! Bravo!. I moved my stationary bike out into the garage for Christmas to make room for the tree. Now the tree and bike are in the garage!!! My treadmill is being used as storage area for my summer furniture cushions! My hand weights are out of sight in a great big ottoman in front of the couch and I haven’t even seen them in a very long time! My current weight reflects my inactivity! I argue with myself that at 73 1/2 it shouldn’t matter, but, oh yes it does! That’s if I want to keep on moving! I’ve been fighting the same battle since I was 10 years old! Hate it!


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