Recap of Day 2

Yesterday, I thought my lack of motivation was going to be certain doom to my 45 of 45.  I just did not want to get up from work and reading to move onto cleaning/organizing.  I felt tired and overwhelmed.  I decided to, finally, get my butt up and headed outside to clean leaves.  That is when the motivation kicked in.  I decided to clean up the back patio and make a plan for the weekend — family yard clean-up.  My son has already decided to forgo actual work but instead make mud piles to play in.  That is fine with me – just as long as my six year old is entertained enough to allow my husband and I to clean up.

I actually also made a lot of headway during my late afternoon/early evening work hours.  I was feeling pretty good but my energy finally zapped out around 6:30.  Work ended at 7 and it was time for the bath time/nighttime routine.  I angrily made my way through it but could not muster up the energy to actually make myself some dinner or even decide on what I wanted for my husband to pick up.  I had a crappy “dinner”.  The day ended in a sour mood.

The hours I need to really try to adjust myself are the after 5 pm hours.  For some reason, my energy, mood, patience, etc. are all drained and I turn into a not-so-nice person.  Unfortunately, I had another night of less than 5 hours sleep but am hoping my self-actualization of the post 5 pm hours may help me make some positive changes in my demeanor.


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