April 1, 2013 – Autism Awareness Month

Today, being the start of Autism Awareness Month, I decided it was time to write a new post.  Then, I logged in and couldn’t believe my last post was mid-December!  So much has been happening this year.  The support group is having new attendees and new recurring attendees.  I have been trying to get healthier physically which is helping me get healthier emotionally/psychologically.  However, it has remained a stressful year.

It seems Roger needs consistency to the point that an unusual visitor, an unexpected interruption, a change in the normal routine, sets him off on hour long meltdowns.  We are actually looking into behavioral therapy to aid.  He gets his normal early intervention which has aspects of ABA.  His interventionist has a tendency to allow him to choose his activities and has been trying to make the sessions less structured.  This has impacted his other therapies, where he does not get the control, intolerable.  He screams, kicks, hits, tries scratching me, hurts himself, etc.  I take the brunt of the attack, along with himself.  It is sometimes horrific.  It is sad that I am sometimes scared of my son.  I can overtake him at 2 1/2 , but I am worried what may happen in the years ahead.  That is why a behaviorist is needed ASAP!  However, with insurance and all that crap, ASAP gets translated into months of waiting for approval.

On the flipside, Roger is absolutely loving and adorable.  He hugs me, kisses me, holds onto my leg, tries to attach himself to me.  He has a cute way of saying things:  pajamas comes out as dumb ass; “I am cute” first sounds cute then he repeats it in a death metal voice, he leads our expeditions by the back seat telling me:  this way, not that way…which is how he navigates our days.

I shall end my first post of Autism Awareness Month with my favorite autism quote (which perfectly describes my little man):  If you meet one person with autism, you’ve met one person with autism.”

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