April 10, 2012 – SPD

Sensory Processing Disorder.  Our son has Sensory Processing Disorder.  I knew he did, but the Occupational Therapist confirmed it.  Just a diagnosis of a disorder with no cure a la ASD.

I feel so bad for our lil man.  He cannot regulate himself.  He cannot soothe himself.  His body’s serotonin is not regulating his dopamine levels effectively.  He needs us to help him regulate them – via deep pressure massage, distinct activities, weighted toys/blankets, etc.  I will really get a more precise idea when we start therapy in May.  This explains how swaddling was his only comfort as a baby.  He could not be soothed by being held or any of our other efforts.

Why is life dealing our lil man such a harder hand?  I know some kids have it even tougher, but I feel bad that he cannot even make him self “feel” normal without headbanging or spinning wheels or some other self-regulating motion.  I do not want him to be an outcast around other children (or around other children’s parents).

I have so much more to say on this topic, but I have declared our son’s nap time, my nap time too since I start class tonight.

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