April 12, 2012 – ADOS

We have a time frame for our son’s ADOS.  We are on the waiting list for a highly demanded doctor in Chico, Lisa Benaron.  The wait is very long.  The first availability is September of this year — 5 months away.  Our case manager is trying to pinpoint an exact date and trying to push it a little sooner.  In addition, she is requesting they make a Cancellation List and add our lil man to that list.

Hopefully, we will hear back regarding both sooner than later.

I am still grieving over the SPD diagnosis.  It is odd how an expert confirmation of something you whole-heartedly suspected still causes a mourning process.  I cannot imagine what I would feel if he is diagnosed with being on the autism spectrum.

I was hoping to have an ADOS prior to my parents moving to Chico.  It may sound silly, but I think it would be easier if we knew and they knew where we stand and what  the experts have to say.  Currently, the lil man is not reaching his developmental milestones due to speech delays and other developmental issues.  I am afraid my parents may dismiss what they see with their grandson as “normal” toddler stuff, although we have had confirmation of him displaying several “red-flags”.

We could change the forum of the ADOS to the MIND Institute.  However, I have heard they are more “clinical”.  Their waiting list would give us a date in July.  Is it worth the change? What should we do? The case manager is persuading me to keep Lisa Benaron.  I am not sure if she is a.  looking out for our best interest  or b. does not want to have to go and plead our case again in front of the review board to change venue.

These thoughts kept me up last night and are still plaguing me.  It stinks being so obsessive!

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