April 9, 2012 – New sitter, new transitions

Today has been a very good day, thus far.

Yesterday, I e-mailed our son’s program manager at Parent Infant Group regarding his progress with his new interventionist vs. his previous interventionist.  She called first thing this morning and we discussed it briefly and set a time to discuss it further this afternoon.  That phone call was followed by a session and a play group.  Both went well, except the walk during break time.  The lil man decided to sit more than walk.  He would take 1-2 steps and go down, over and over again.  I think the 1.75 block walk took about 30 minutes!

The lil man fell asleep on the way home from play group and I was able to do some work.  He woke up early enough for me to have some alone time with him before his program manager came over and his new sitter.

The discussion with the program manager was very fruitful.  It unburdened me — I was able to let go of how I was feeling with the transition and the new approach. Our conversation lasted about 30 minutes or so and covered a variety of topics.  It was a well overdue conversation.

The new sitter arrived during the “meeting”.  It was good because she got to overhear a lot of what is going on with the lil man and have him check her out before leaving them alone.  However, I am now listening to the little man being quite upset.  They have been alone about 20 minutes.  He keeps crying/whining.  I hope this does not last too long.  I feel bad for the both of them!

Well, tomorrow is the OT evaluation and our first “More Than Words” class- I will fill you in on both when I get the chance!

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