April 15, 2012 – Reports of Evaluations

As a parent of a child who is at-risk, one of the hardest jobs is reading the reports of evaluations.  They always seem so much harsher than what you see as reality.  You read them and think, “this is not my child; they don’t know him at all”.  On the other hand, it is mind-opening to see things from an outsider’s perspective.

We received our lil man’s report of his sensory evaluation on Friday.  I have reread it several times.  This time I do recognize my son:   cannot attend to a task; most desired tasks are played with 30-60 seconds.  However, the numbers are what hit me hard.  The Occupational Therapist said she would have to score him low in his motor assessment because she could not truly test him since he does not stay still to complete any tasks.  The score she gave him was 12%!   Could you imagine scoring 12% on a test!?!?!?  That is ungodly low.  He did complete some tasks as she wrote in the report.  What would his score have been if he did not complete those tasks?

Needlesstosay, he qualifies for OT starting in May.  I do, though, harbor feelings of upset towards the therapist he will be working with for writing such a damning report!

Geez, I cannot wait to see his ADOS score and read that evaluation!  I want this all over with ASAP.

The reports are eating me up….And, in return, I am eating up everything in sight!

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