April 15, 2012 – Adding more to an already full plate

Yesterday I attended the Autism Awareness Faire at the Rose Scott School.  I handed out fliers for my upcoming support group and for Rowell Family Empowerment Center.  While I was there, I was able to get a tour of the school and speak with the woman in charge of the school.

I have been researching alternative schools in case our son is diagnosed with Autism or on the spectrum or if his SPD is still so bad that he would not be able to sit still for a traditional school setting.  Rose Scott School is the only school in Chico that fits that bill.  It is a very small school.  I think there are less than 8 students in the 1st-5th grade class, about 8 in the middle school class, and less in the high school class.

Since the school is so small, I inquired if there was a waiting list to ensure my 20 month old son would be able to attend once he hits school age.  This brought about an alternative conversation.  They would love to start a preschool there as well for children 3-5 (Kindergarten is optional in CA).  There are a couple of obstacles:  1.  they would like to be assured a certain number of students would attend and 2. the requirements for starting a preschool are much more difficult in CA than starting an elementary, middle or high school.  Therefore, they would like a Parent Steering Committee to help be a liaison for information from the Department of Education and the Baptist School they rent space from.  Of course, I am seen as the over-eager parent who would be perfect for such a task.

And, of course, I already start thinking of how to put this plan in action!  I spoke with the parent whose son attends the play group with our lil man.  She, too, is incredibly busy, but very interested in helping.  We both decided we needed to clear our plate of one thing before adding this.  Since we are both in the Hanen Program’s “More than Words” class, we have decided to put it “on hold” til the class is over at the end of May.

Of course, in the meantime, I shall still obsess!

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