April 27, 2012 – Fancy a support group?

Well, one thing is truly consistent in Chico:  unreliability.  We received four RSVPs for the new ASD Parent Support Group – that would have meant 6 additional adults besides my husband and me.  However, no one actually showed up for the group.  That stunned me as I received one of the RSVPs a few hours before the group was to begin!

We stayed at the ARC until 7:15 (dinner was at 5:30 and the group was supposed to start at 6 pm).  We thought that was plenty of time for people arriving late from work.  I truly don’t know what else we could have done to spread the news.  April is Autism Awareness Month and I attended all the functions to hand-out fliers to families with autism.  Around 125 fliers were handed out.  Next month, there will not be an opportunity like this one.

How frustrating!?!  I shook hands and had many discussions with parents during the autism walk who truly seemed interested.  I know life gets busy, but not one attendee?!

At least, our son had a good time playing at ARC for those 2 hours.  He had his first bouncy house experience, so it was not a total bust!

In other news, it seems like there was a cancellation for an ADOS for May 10th.  That will make life much easier since my husband has surgery on the currently scheduled ADOS day, May 3rd.  Now, I just have to get confirmation that we have that new date.

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