April 29, 2012 – Me time

Yesterday and today I have decided to stay home while my husband takes our son to the gym…for some alone time to listen to music, get things done around the house, dye my hair…ya know, things you usually take for granted!

I have also decided to separate myself, for a bit, from the “world of autism”.  My son is having his ADOS either this Thursday or next Thursday.  I may be in denial, but I do not think he will have an autism diagnosis.  I know he has Sensory Processing Disorder, but I think that may be it — and that is enough to deal with in and of itself.  In the meantime, I just want to go about our everyday like a “normal” family.  Sure, he still has his Monday-Friday intervention sessions, his Monday/Wednesday at-risk playgroup, and his new Thursday OT session.  That is surely enough for me that I no longer need to add anything else to our days (relating to autism).  If he is diagnosed, we will deal with it from there.  But for now, I want to just have fun, not analyze every movement, not “intrude” on my son to get him to interact.

I just want to be laid back for the next couple of weeks.  This is especially the case since my husband is having surgery on Thursday.  We have decided (well, I have decided) to opt out of our “More than Words” class.  So, that means Tuesday night will be a date night for us — a nice dinner alone!  It is long overdue.

Our weekly schedule is already so packed that I need a break from anymore extraneous, un-fun activities!  We will see how long I feel this way.  Perhaps the zero turnout at my support group has something to do with it.

Whatever the cause, I am looking forward to the break!

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