April 3, 2012 – Another sitter situation

I think one of the most difficult hurdles we have encountered thus far is finding a flexible, reliable sitter.  Our newest sitter can only watch our son a limited time on Tuesday/Thursday/Friday.  Now, I am sitter-less on Mondays and Wednesdays.  I was hoping our previous sitter would be able to watch him these days, but she can only do 2 hours each day and expects a $2 raise per hour, which is ridiculous.  I negotiated a $1 raise per hour on Tuesday nights for April and May so that we can attend the Hanen Program’s “More Than Words” class.

I woke to a text from our sitter stating that she is sick…again.  However, since she does not have a fever, I asked her to come because I have to work.  She has been sick more than half the time she has been our sitter.  I need someone with a better immune system!

Contacting sitters on craigslist before I put up another ad.  I was hoping to avoid this situation until his Occupational Therapy was set – so we would not have to change sitter schedules again.  But, alas, that is not the case!

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