April 2, 2012 – Terrible Two’s

Each passing day, the lil man has more and more tantrums and is crankier and crankier.  Are these the terrible twos because it seems like bipolar hell?!?!

This morning he woke up early and was in a good mood.  By our first meeting this morning, he was already in meltdown mode.  He was on the floor, crying, screaming, headbanging.  We made it through with lots of tears.  However, as the first meeting ended, our son’s therapist arrived for his intervention session.  This hour-long session mimicked the first meeting except with a lot more headbanging, but some happy moments too.

Finally, he got to watch Yo! Gabba Gabba after the session ended.  This is what he was asking for all morning, but could not do because of all the work he has to do.  Poor guy!

After an episode, we had our first At-Risk Play Group.  He did incredibly well.  He had a blast with his new buddy.  Each had their idiosyncrasies.  And, then, it was snack time.  Our lil man howled and kicked when they made him sit in a chair.  The headbanging followed.  The headbanging is going overboard lately.  But he did quickly calm down when food appeared.

He was quite testy on the car ride home – yelling and yelling as if the seat was causing so much pain.  And before nap time, I got to experience one more meltdown on the floor.

This is becoming so difficult.  Each day I hope he wakes in a better mood and will be less up and down.  However, each day it just seems to get worse.

UGH – please tell me this is a phase!

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