April 5, 2012 – Some good news

Among the barrage of stress I have been under, I did receive some awesome news today.  There are two families who will be attending my support group.  There are two mothers and four children.  Unfortunately, no husbands are attending yet.  I am hoping we get some husbands there.  I know my husband could use another person to talk to about this whole process.

Also, I spoke with our son’s Case Manager Monday and he will be put on this week’s or next week’s agenda for being added to the Autism Evaluation Wait List.  It can take up to 6 months for him to get an evaluation, but I am happy they are already adding him to the roster.

I wish this good news would loosen up my muscles.  It seems that stress immediately affects my body.  My neck is so stiff and sore and my back is feeling the burden.  However, the opposite does not occur.  When the phone rang with the good news, my muscles did not lose tension.

Babysitter interviews are continuing today and I am hoping this task will be checked off soon.  How many more items need to be checked off before my body does respond?!

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