April 6, 2012 – Grounded

Right now, I am feeling more grounded.  The house is clean.  A second sitter has been hired.  The drawers are in order.  A huge pile is ready to be shredded.  Organization helps me focus and breath.  It is my zen…my yoga.  Now, I just have to figure out how to incorporate exercise more into my daily life — other than chasing the lil man from room to room and around the yard.

I have been worrying about the upcoming Support Group and what I should contribute (other than my own story).  The manager at Rowell told me I get $20/25 per month for supplies for the group – non-food supplies.  I am not too sure what exactly that means.  It kept me up a bit last night.  I was thinking I should buy some spiral notebooks with pockets and a packet of pens.  I will supply my e-mail address/ phone numbers for the other parents and hope they may contribute some ideas and suggestions for upcoming groups.

The other group gives out a raffle gift each meeting.  However, is that truly necessary?  Someone receive a gift for attending a support group…is the support group not enough?!  So much to think about regarding that.

I think I may also be worried about our upcoming class.  I have not been in a classroom setting for years and am worried about doing the best I can.  Can you not tell from this post that I am a perfectionist and worry-wart?

I love how I started this post being grounded and now I am working myself up.  Time to breath, watch a terrible episode of Nip/Tuck and drink some tea.


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