January 6, 2015 – Settling into 2015

It’s almost a week into 2015.  There have been huge changes in our schedule:  school, exercise, alone time!

Roger has switched from a 5-day/2.5-3 hour per day school schedule to a 3-day/7-8 hour per day school schedule.  It will turn into full-time once there is an opening.  Roger did incredibly well the first day.  However, he was yelling at me to put on loud music for our drive to Grapevine this morning.  Yes, that is another change.  Roger went from taking a short bus ride to having a 30+ minute car drive to school.  After Thursday’s class, I will have a better feel as to how Roger is adjusting.

I, myself, am loving the time alone when I work and drive.  I am sure I will get sick of the drive at some point (probably when I am feeling sick) but am currently enjoying it.  His new schedule also allows for me to fit in some time for fitness too.  What I have learned thus far is:  I am out of shape!  I am looking forward to building up my strength, energy, balance, and to regain a new, healthy life routine.  I will keep you posted on how all proceeds.

Open arms to 2015!

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