February 12, 2012 – Causes

Is my son on the autism spectrum or have a sensory processing disorder or is it just all caused by me?  By my tension?  By my inability to sit still during the day – having to tidy up continuously and do household chores?  Could this cause him not to be still and relaxed?  Could my stress have made him anxious in the womb?  I know there are a great many things I need to change in myself (be more patient, have less tension, be more flexible) but have these traits already negatively affected my lil man?!?!

These are my thoughts as I replay my anxiety of the day…of my husband being gone on a business trip til Tuesday night..which I am allowing to add extra stress to my days.  Day 1 is almost over (just need to complete:  bathtime/bedtime routine, followed by getting the lil man to sleep soundly before leaving the bed to do dishes and straighten up the playroom, his room and the living room.) …

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