February 13, 2012 – Is it too much to ask???

Is it too much to ask to have a babysitter actually interact with my son?  I am paying you and I am in the room next to yours.  Do you not think I only hear one voice – my son’s?  Part of what we are working on in therapy is social interaction.  His sitter used to be better with the interaction, but once she found out we had to transition her out because his therapy session would interfere with her work and school schedule, she has started to leave early, be less responsive and less caring, over all.  I guess I cannot blame her.  When I have given two weeks’ notice, I am sure my job performance dwindled.  However, this is my adorable son.  How can you not interact with him?

On another note, is it too much to ask my body to cooperate with me?  First it was a lower back ache.  That has pretty much disappeared to only be replaced by a pinched nerve in my neck today.  What stress releases are there?  Drinking Stress Relief tea is not enough!  However, I think you need spare time to exercise, journal, meditate, breathe….Currently, the time is not now.

One more thing to get off my chest, is it too much to ask for adult friendships?  I thought I created a bond out here in our new town.  However, the person has been increasingly distant (or completely gone, actually).  She was one of the first people I opened up to about my son and actually broke bread with her on the holidays.  Is it too much for her to be my confidant?  Is she having her own issues?

Is it asking too much to be a decent human being?

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