February 11, 2012 – Sick…sick…sick…

My poor lil man is sick, again.  With bronchitis, again….His high fever is on Day 3…It has been wavering between a low of 100.6 to a high of 104.4 (at 4:30 this morning).  This is the worst I have seen him.  He’s usually all-over-the-place, now he’s either on my lap watching nursery rhymes, on my lap watching tv, or sitting on the bed.  And he’s been crying a lot — when he wakes before he has had his medicine, during his sleep, if I have to go to the bathroom…

This is the fourth time he has been sick in the past four months:  a stomach virus in NYC, a stomach virus back home, and two bouts of bronchitis!  That seems too much for one little body to handle.  I don’t want to get sucked into the DAN thoughts on autism, but when I Googled “autism & weakened immune system”, the entries were endless!  I will bring this up on his 18 month wellness check-up on Tuesday.  My pediatrician will probably look at me like I have two heads.  I won’t blame her, but I just would like an explanation why my lil man’s been well about 2 weeks in the past four months!  I feel so bad for him (and for me, I have to admit!).

Everything has been halted — his therapy, my work, the housework, eating, fun…I hope he starts feeling better soon.  I miss my lil man on the go — dancing, singing, spinning, smiling.

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