February 15, 2012 – Words

He is losing his words.  Granted, he only had a few:  uh oh, up, all done, Elma (elmo)….but they are gone.  Or nearly gone.  He used to say ‘Uh-Oh’ forty times a day.  I do not think I have heard that in a month.  Up…maybe I have heard that once last week.  Elma I think he said at yesterday, but then would not repeat it.  All done…that has been gone for over a month.

We were at least happy to have recognized this before our son had much to lose.  We were happy not to have a child with a fifty word vocabulary who pointed to pictures and called me “mommy” and wake up to having a child who could do none of that.  However, the loss of even these few words has been harder to bear than I could ever imagine.

I am mourning the loss…

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