February 23, 2012 – The happiest little boy

Our son is the happiest little boy.  When he wakes up in the morning, he is happy and smiling.   As I sit in the “office” working, I hear him laughing and playing with the sitter.  When I get done with work and come out of the office, he is usually smiling, laughing, dancing, playing, or some sort of combination.

Sure, he has his meltdowns and tantrums and grumpiness, but, overall, we are blessed with such a happy lil man!  Most of his meltdowns are due to frustration (either in lack of communication or inability to do what he wants to do at that precise moment).  However, he usually bounces back quickly ready to play or dance or sing or spin again.  Even his frustrations in therapy are quickly dissolved and happiness reigns again!

Despite what his diagnosis may be, we do know one thing:  our son is happy, so we are doing something right!

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