February 21, 2012 – ASD?

Yesterday, the lil man did great in therapy.  He is playing so well, interacting more with his interventionist, improving his fine motor skills and signing.  At dinner, I announced, “I do not think our son has autism”.  That night our son ran to his daddy when he got home from work – a first.  My husband questioned my statement:  how do you explain all of his quirks (the flappiness, the spinning of the wheels, the extremeness of his meltdowns).

Then, we sat down and watched tv for a little bit and I said, “Oh you might want to know why the stroller is out.  Someone came to look at it.”  I placed the item on craigslist.  And I stated how the woman had her 10 1/2 month old son with her and how interested he was in our son.  However, our son showed no interest in either the mother or son, only in his stroller.  Even the mother commented, he’s preoccupied…She actually took note of his disinterest in her or her son a number of times.

As I relayed this story to my husband, I realize that an ASD diagnosis is not just based on his play with one individual.  He is interacting and showing us more eye contact, but not with others all the time.  It is interesting taking all this in.  So many facets to our son’s personality.  I love him so very much!

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