June 1, 2015 – My new year

Yes, I know it’s technically June 1st and not January 1st, but I feel like it’s the first day of my new year. The weather has turned from a blanket of rain to a ray of sunshine (and I’m hoping so will I)!

Today, I got on new hormones. Since I had my hysterectomy in May 2013, no doctor has seen it necessary to test my hormone levels. Well, fortunate for me, I finally made the wise decision to see an internist/PCP who ordered the bloodwork at our first appointment and gave me the information for a fabulous OB/GYN to work on my hormone levels.

Today, I found out that my FSH level is triple what it ideally should be and that my testosterone is non-existent which could account for my horrible sleep, headaches, overall fatigue, brain fog, and my high anxiety. It will take about 3 days to “kick in”. If I still get hot flashes and am still symptomatic, they will give me an extra boost. Although not covered by insurance, I am hoping this form of hormones will finally help, since the last two have not. It’ll be worth every dime.

Happy New Year to Me!

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