July 5, 2012 – Personality Crisis

As is usual, I have been very reflective.  I am a very polarizing individual, I do believe.  I am opinionated, can be loud, can be obnoxious, am usually sarcastic, have a realistic (i.e., pessimistic) outlook on life, etc.  I think some people cannot deal with such a person.  I have decided, “To thine own self be true…”.  I am not going to be one person for you and a different person for others.  The only instance I do this is in professional relations.  However, if we are “friends” or “acquaintances” and you do not like my blunt viewpoint, you may “defriend” me both on Facebook and in life.  That may seem harsh, but what I truly have as a pet peeve is someone who complains, is negative and bleak in one instance and portrays themselves like an optimistic, cheery, blessed being for others.  Listen, I am a complainer and usually have a dismal outlook.  Yes, I do love my family and my life and am “blessed”, but I am not a sugary sweet individual.

In some aspects of my life I have decided to take some initiative to alter my personality a bit.  I have a tendency to rib the individuals I am closest to (especially my husband).  We bicker back and forth and constantly make fun of each other.  We are both laughing as we do so, but I no longer find this healthy.  People looking at us may think we do not like each other much.  I don’t want Roger to think we do not respect each other and that it is okay to “make fun” of people.   I respect my husband and he respects me, but I think we get carried away.  Maybe we are both struggling comedians (We are both jewish…hmmm).

Life is complicated.  People are complicated.  I confuse even myself.  I may need to change in some areas, but overall I like my Opinionated Pinko-Commie self!

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