September 6, 2012 – A 2 Month Respite

Well, it has been two months since I have written in my blog.  However, I would not refer to it as a respite.  With Roger’s current therapy schedule and my current sitter/work schedule, we have little spurts of free time:  Tuesdays after 10:30 til Roger’s possible naptime, Monday afternoons and Wednesday afternoons after 3:15.  Of course, our weekends remain pretty open with the exception of errands.

It seems that after 3 plus years here in Chico, we may be starting to find our niche.  Roger has his “girlfriend” and his best friend.  That is a good start!  Roger is a high commodity here in town. It seems wherever we go, people tend to remember Roger from our days at the library.  I will attribute this to his very big personality and non-stop running/dancing/touching/escaping.

What else can I say about the past two months?  Well, Roger turned two.  Both sets of grandparents were at his birthday party!  Our ASD support group is growing.  My parents help Rob and I get time alone and help me on a daily basis — either with helping with Roger or just listening to me.

With all these good things happening, it is hard to imagine that I can still be a bit blue.  However, I am and I think that may have been one of the factors of my writing halt.  I felt entry after entry was just depressing.  Secondly, time was and still is an issue.

We will see how often I keep this up.  Not a very exciting post, but a post nonetheless.  Cheers to me!

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