May 13, 2012 – Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you as I drink my “stress-relief” tea from my brand-new, oversized yellow kewpie doll mug!  Despite horrible allergies, today has been a fantastic day!

Our son woke at 5:40 and, as requested, Rob let me stay in bed while he took Roger out of the room.  However, as a half-hour passed I could hear Roger screaming because I was not out there, as I normally am.  He is fond of routine.

My husband made a delicious breakfast of french bread french toast, blueberries, strawberries, turkey bacon, and veggie sausage.  I had taken a Benadryl and warned him that I may fall asleep shortly.  However, he still insisted on having mimosas (since we made sure to have the ingredients for them).  Well, that did the trick.  Around 9 am I went to the bedroom.

At noon, I emerged feeling much, much better!  Shhh…I actually did some chores — laundry, put away dishes, wiped down the stove top and kitchen table, put away Roger’s toys from the morning, and made myself this cup of tea.

Due to the high pollen level outdoors, I am not sure if I will get out of the house today.  If I do, we may go to Barnes & Nobles and look around…and, possibly, have dinner out?!

Dinner truly will depend on our son. He does not do well in places too crowded and, obviously, too slow moving.  He usually says “All done” within minutes of being seated!

I hope your day is as laid back as mine!

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