May 11, 2012 – Day 1 of Post-Diagnosis

Well, despite another sleepless night (due to Roger’s recent bout of fighting sleep), I woke up in a better state of mind.  I think my way of coping is, again, to evolve into a super advocate.

Today, I have advertised the ASD Parent Support in various sections of Craigslist, in the CNR, and on the Rowell Family Empowerment Center’s website.  I am hoping this will get the word out and create a better turnout for our May Support Group Meeting:  an attendance of 1 would be better than April’s attendance!

I am glad we had the ADOS because it once again helped me to get a new perspective on our home situation.  Today I have noticed how much of my interaction with my son is forced by me.  I intrude in all of his activities:  sometimes he leaves the room and the toy/book he was playing with, sometimes he lets me be in his space but still does not interact, and sometimes he enjoys my intrusion and we play together!  The first two always make me feel badly about my mothering.  However, I do have to remember to not take it personally.

Roger is the same amazing boy today as he was on Wednesday, prior to the diagnosis.  He is still doing the same behaviors and activities as he was doing on Wednesday.  Now, we only have the confirmation of a diagnosis.

It cannot be said enough how much I value the people in my life — all those who are supportive and have reached out in the past few days.  Thanks to all of you for everything you have done!

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