May 15, 2012 – A little rant

First off, my son’s autism diagnosis is a formal diagnosis.  It is not one person’s uneducated opinion.  My son first had three evaluations before being placed in the Extended Early Intervention Program for children at-risk for autism.  He receives therapy five days a week.  His occupational therapist also suggested an ADOS in her initial evaluation.  Plus, the ADOS team consisted of three professionals who had not met Roger and his “team” at the Parent Infant Program.  That means there were five people educated in autism that all agreed on my son’s diagnosis.

Secondly, my husband and I have noticed something different about our son since bringing him home from the hospital — even in the hospital.  He could never be soothed.  For nearly the first six months of his life, he could not be soothed or distracted besides being fed and his, occasional, sleep.  We had thoughts that we were not “natural” parents because we could not make our lil boy happy.

Thirdly, there are many, many things we see on a daily basis and have to deal with on a daily basis that confirms the diagnosis.  I do not need to make a huge list (which it would be) to convince you.

Finally, especially since the majority of our friends and family have not seen Roger in over a year, how do they know how he is?  They do not know our son.  They cannot make blanket judgements.  I am sorry if it is too hard for you to deal with, but I have come to terms that my son has autism.

Yes, my son has autism and I love him dearly.  I love him no different than if he did not have autism.  He is a smart, talented little man.  He just processes the world a little differently than you and I and may need some extra help.  And, if you cannot comprehend this, perhaps you need some extra help too!

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