May 24, 2012 – Second Attempt

Tonight marks the second ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Parent Support Group that I began last month with the help of Rowell Family Empowerment Center and the ARC of Butte County.

The first group was very “intimate” with me, Rob and Roger.  I am hoping tonight’s outcome will be slightly better.  I am going to try to take it in stride and keep my sense of humor.  Otherwise, I will feel my effort has been wasted.  However, I have had the notion of, perhaps, attempting a more laid-back setting for June.  I would like to have a small meeting in my home or in the yard.  Although the ARC is very helpful providing food and a space, the room is a formal meeting room and does not seem like such a friendly place to chat.  In the past, I have attended support groups for my own recovery (eating disorders) and I have never been in such a formal setting.  I think a couch/floor/music provides more relaxation which would lead to more openness (as opposed to a round table with upright chairs).

Tomorrow, I will update you on the outcome and if I will attempt try number 3.

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