May 23, 2012 – Parents

Today, my parents packed up the last of their items and are driving to Chico.  They are making what they are calling “their final move”.  I have heard this before, so you never know what the future holds.  However, I am so excited to be living in the same city as my parents!  It has been a decade.

Growing up, I was so close to them.  I never though I could leave their house.  I hesitated going away to college and opted for a commuter college instead.  Eventually, I had to get out of the hell that is South Florida.  Since that first move to Denver, we have lived together for short periods of time. And when they were living “nearby”, it was never very close.  Now, they will be living a 10 minute drive away.  It seems surreal.

I am so thrilled Roger will get to know his grandparents again.  They were out here for 2 months last Spring and it was so difficult saying good-bye.  Now, we won’t have to….they will be here for his birthday, they will be here for holidays, they will be here for his sessions.  They will be HERE!

I am also expecting some tension as my husband will have to adjust to having his in-laws living in town.  (I don’t know what I’d do if his parents moved to town.)  Plus, we all know that our personalities change a bit around our parents and we have to a tendency to regress to childhood.  I will do my best not to let that happen.  Although when I am sick, I will be so happy to have my mommy help me!

As I am typing and eagerly awaiting their arrival sometime the end of next week, I am grinning ear to ear.  I love my mommy and daddy!

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