May 9, 2012 – The countdown continues

So, the countdown continues with 17 hours and 42 minutes remaining until the ADOS begins.  This morning my son’s Program Manager went over what to expect at the ADOS (especially at Chico State University – how the room is set up).  There will be no table to “prompt” him to attend, as there is during his session.  Instead, it will be more laid out as an unstructured playroom.  This concerns me.  The lil man has a tendency to quickly move from one toy to the next when not made to sit and attend.

The ADOS is broken down into three sections:  social, communication, and behaviors.  We went over what types of questions to expect in each session.  The first two sections (social and communication) are much more difficult to pinpoint how he will score.  We know he has language delays, but do not know how extreme his score will be.  The social section I am very confused over — he may have eye contact, he may interact, or he may be in his own world.  The third section is much more clear-cut.  He shows all the “red flags” in this section.  As has happened in the past, I now feel more dismal than I have in the weeks leading up to the ADOS.

Was I wearing rose-colored glasses?  Should I continue wearing them until I hear the diagnosis?  Maybe I will need to have a drink or two later tonight?  I do not know how I shall spend the next 3/4 of a  day!

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