October 21, 2012 – Monday

I feel like today is the first day of our new routine (or at least our routine for right now).

Unfortunately, Roger’s recent behavior has stepped up our need to put a push on ABA therapy.  We have been on a waiting list for Easter Seals of North Texas before we even had a Texas address and I mailed out a ton of information to the University of North Texas, Denton.  Easter Seals seems like it could be a forever waiting list and I am not sure the turnaround time for UNT.  So, today I made numerous phone calls and left numerous messages.  I did happen to speak to two other places that provide ABA and hope that the ball gets rolling ASAP.

Besides the move, I think the big change in Roger’s routine is his amount of “free time”.  While in early intervention, he had 2 hours of therapy a day, two playgroup sessions a week, two speech therapy sessions a week, one occupational therapy session a week, and one food therapy session a week.  In this great world we live in, once a child turns three, all those “extra” sessions become either provided by the school district or paid for privately.  While in CA, he did still get two playgroup sessions per week and two hours of one-on-one in-home therapy per week paid for by the Regional Center.  We also privately paid for an extra day of speech therapy per week.  In addition, his school schedule was 4 hours per day.

Now, being in Texas, Roger’s PPCD program is 3 hours per day and that sums up his current therapy schedule.  I truly believe Roger strives with the additional hours of therapy/structured setting.  If there is a long wait, we may opt for OT or speech or perhaps some other structured play outside of his school hours.  I am not eager to start investigating more today.  Hopefully, a consultation for ABA is in our near future!

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