October 22, 2013 – Tuesday, Tuesday

Well, as I rambled about yesterday, some ABA/Behavior programs have contacted me today.  It seems all that is standing in our way is a big stash of money!  The programs vary in price from the low end: a 6 hour week of therapy will cost $450/week and the high end: an intensive program will run $300/day.  I do not believe we need an intensive program, but we also do not have $2000 extra dollars each month for the 6 hour therapy week.  We do have great insurance.  But, of course, insurance companies find a loophole to covering ABA therapy.  Despite the heavy price tag, I still have a meeting set up with one behaviorist.  We need to implement some plan.  We are on the list for Easter Seals, which is partially funded by the state.  However, that accounts for the long waiting list.  We may just have to private pay and hope we get selected for Easter Seals sooner than later!  I guess we will start experiencing why some families go bankrupt funding autism services.

I think this year for the holidays we may be asking for donations to the ABA fund…

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