September 7, 2012 – Two in a row

Yes, sirree I am writing in my blog two days in a row!

My new obsession is redesigning Roger’s bedroom into a somewhat Montessori toddler room.  This weekend we will shop for a twin mattress, some Roger-picked sheets, maybe a small bookcase…What started this frenzy?  Two things, primarily:  Number 1 is complete lack of sleep — Roger is sleeping so terribly and causing me to sleep terribly as well.  This is not making for pleasant days; just very moody, long ones!  Secondly, the occupational therapist suggested we start the process of weaning him from the family bed.

I have tried mentioning this to Roger, but I am not sure he knows yet what I am speaking of.  I think he will love the idea of a twin bed on his bedroom floor.  I do not think he will love the idea that he is supposed to sleep in it by himself.

However, I do realize that preschool starts in less than a year and I have been trying to keep my toddler a baby.  I think we’ve been subconsciously doing so because of his delays.  I have seen great strides in therapy and I think it is time for us to put more control in Roger’s itty bitty hands!  Choosing some clothes, brushing his teeth, possible potty training down the line, and sleeping in his own bed.

All of this may be more difficult for me than him…

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