Sweet boy

My son may jump all over us and get a little rough when excited.  However, when he is around other little kiddos, he is the most gentle child.  He loves playing chase and tag and roughhousing without the actual roughhousing.  When I see a child push him, hit him or kick him, I usually say something along the lines of “that is not nice”.  So, yes, I am that helicopter mom trying to keep Roger safe.

An article came out last week which I will probably massacre in relaying.  It stated something along the lines of 90% of teenagers with autism are bullied.  Most are completely unaware as they think of the bullies as their friends.  These friends will manipulate, steal, make fun of, etc. their friend with autism. I worry about him entering public school.  I worry about what I do not hear or see on the playground.  I worry… The one thing I do not worry about is Roger being mean or rough with other children.  I have such a sweet boy.

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