Overthinking everything

Yesterday, I woke up and felt like hell.  I slept horribly as thoughts kept racing through my head.  I thought I must have the flu or some sort of illness:  nausea, body aches, sore throat, headache.  I made a doctor’s appointment for today.

Today, I woke up feeling pretty okay.  I did not sleep so well, as a near-five-year-old kept kicking me in the thighs.  However, I was not daunted by thoughts and could fall back asleep once I positioned him.  I no longer felt sick.  I still had a slight sore throat, but so very slight.  I felt happy, energetic, ready to conquer the world (well, work and my 30 minutes of exercise).

The difference:  support.  Yesterday, I reached out and spoke “virtually” with some mother friends to sort out my crazy thoughts.  My thoughts were not crazy per se…they were just driving me crazy!  I also decided to let the afternoon take us where it may:  picking up Roger, OT, rollerskating, talking about Inside Out, bath time, and, overall, sweetness.

So long overthinking — at least for one night!

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