Exhaustion is today’s theme.

Yesterday, I fell asleep in bed with Roger around 8:30.  I struggled to get up and fall into my own bed.  Despite my husband’s attempt to wake me, I stayed asleep until Roger woke me this morning at 6:40.  I did have a little bit of tossing and turning during the night but not too much.  However, all I wanted to do this morning (and all day) was to go back to sleep.  I keep yawning and stretching and wishing I was back in bed.

This morning I had an appointment with my psychiatrist regarding my decision to take a break from all medications barring fluoxetine.  She acknowledged I can no longer take Lamictal and knew Abilify was not working for me.  She did warn, though, to keep my eye on any hypomanic episodes.  She clearly does not think fluoxetine alone will be enough.  I am just tired of overmedicating when side effects have been outweighing positive outcomes.  I have a follow-up appointment in 2 months.  Hopefully, I will be more on the mend by then not only mentally/emotionally but physically as well.

Now, I go back to dwelling on my utter exhaustion.  How many hours of functioning before I can go back to sleep?

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