Big Ball of Stress

Achieving balance is what most people are striving for  – or at least I am.  However, at this time in my life, I view everything as stressful.  Work is stressful, cleaning is stressful, trying to find time to exercise is stressful, eating healthy is stressful, getting Roger ready for school/camp/bed/classes/therapy is stressful, playing with Roger is stressful, trying to fall asleep at night is stressful.  BUT doing nothing is the most stressful of all for I think of everything I should be doing.

I think I have forgotten how to relax.  What is the first step?  How do you train yourself to relax?  It really pisses me off when I see others relaxing while I am stressing out.

I also think I have forgotten how to have fun.  It takes a lot to make me smile or genuinely enjoy myself.  It wasn’t until The Dead Milkmen were actually onstage playing that I enjoyed that night.

I genuinely feel bad for my son and my husband.  I want to have fun.  I want to let go.  Will a brain swap work?

Any tips or advice appreciated (just comment).

3 thoughts on “Big Ball of Stress

  1. Take big, deep, breaths. You can do this even while you’re doing tasks. Be mindful of your breathing and purposefully make them big and deep. This will start helping to calm your body and your mind. I would suggest trying to meditate for only a few minutes a day (since more than that would probably stress you). Look into any MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) classes in the area or can do online? I took an 8 week course and it was life changing on allowing me to handle stress better. Do you diffuse essential oils? That also can be helpful. I recommend Young Living oils and can recommend some good starter oils if you’re interested. Going for walks is also a nice way to get exercise, calm the mind, and notice the awesomeness of nature. Also what is that one thing that always makes you happy no matter what? And put that as #1 on your to-do list and make that priority Before you do the stuff that stresses you. Anyway, just a little bit but hope it helps.


    1. I live your suggestions. I do have young living oils. Unfortunately, I have terrible allergies and it tends to rile them up a bit (as does walking in nature). I get allergy shots but still take meds and have issues. I will look into MBSR. Did you do it online or in person? I always find in person better but with our schedule and being a one-car family now, I may have to opt for online.


  2. Only two words for you: Yoga and meditation. Meditation can be done at anytime. Yoga, you may have to take a class. After years of personal examination, psychologists, physiatrists, Al Anon, Adult children of alcoholics, the lesson is always the same. You take care of you first and the rest will fall into place. Sorry, that was more than 2 words! But you know me by now. LOL Love you. Sending great big whole body encompassing hugs!


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