Mid-week, week 3

It’s officially mid-week of Week 3 of Summer.  I am feeling pretty at ease this late morning.  This week I have finished Season 3 of Kimmy Schmidt and am finishing up on the amazing Season 2 of Catastrophe.  I love this show so much that I enjoyed watching this season for a second time.  Watching a show like Catastrophe makes me feel like myself.  I don’t get to explore life like I did pre-Roger in the city, but this gives me a dose of happiness.  It’s definitely not a show for everyone, but a perfect fit for me.

With Roger at a camp so nearby, I get to walk him and the dogs to and from camp.  I enjoy that little bit of outdoors, even though it’s already hot and humid at 9 in the morning.  That is making my mood a bit cheerier, as well as riding the exercise bike the past 3 days.

If I think about it, what is really making my mood stable is routine.  I LOVE routine and consistency.  The lack of spontaneity may make me seem a bit boring and I always wished I could be more spontaneous but this is my happy place.

4 thoughts on “Mid-week, week 3

  1. Me too! Be what you are!

    I’ll have to check out the show! I almost never get to watch tv. Boo. Darn time. Very slowly watching twin peaks returns but my schedule means I am usually way behind. Sure you relate.

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  2. I am so happy that you are in your happy space. I guess this means that Roger is also happy in his new camp. I’m smiling at you this morning!


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