Week 3 of Summer

The week tends to begin on a great note.  Monday goes as scheduled.  However, life is unpredictable, so the rest of the week may not go as smoothly.  Just as last week, this week I am hopeful.  Perhaps, I am even more hopeful due to the fact that Roger LOVED camp last week.  Tomorrow, he begins a different camp that he will be going to for two weeks (6 half days) in June and two weeks in July.  This camp we can walk to which makes drop off and pick up so easy!

Friday, I turn 44.  I had so many high hopes for my wellness by this time in the year.  I have not been consistent in exercise or healthy eating.  My back issues have also resurfaced, so I have an appointment the end of the month.  I am really at a loss about how to make wellness part of my routine.  I subscribe to emails for inspiration, use apps inconsistently, and just cannot put the drive back into me.  Summer’s chaotic schedule does not help, since my sitter and my son’s therapy/camp time is used exclusively for my work schedule.  In between therapies, work, and play dates/swimming, there is virtually no free time until roughly 8 pm at night and I am zonked by then.  I don’t want to wait 2.5 months to have a routine.  This has all dampened my mood, as well.  My anxiety and depression have been surfacing a lot lately this summer.  I read that blogging can help with anxiety, so I hope to write more this week.

If you are in the same boat (or have been in the past), let me know what worked for you to snap out of it and into a successful wellness routine.


6 thoughts on “Week 3 of Summer

  1. Wake up 30 minutes early 4 times a week. Champions are made at 5am! Evenings are dicey. Start small, force yourself. Anything is better than nothing. Exercise is the best mood booster their is!

    I really struggle with food & sugar. I do better when I plan and track but really it’s one day at a time. I keep things out of the house and eat a lot of the same meals which I find takes 100 percent less effort.

    So glad Roger likes camp! We have one more week of school…


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  2. Don’t try to tackle it all at once (diet, exercise, etc.) as it’s just too hard to make changes to several areas at once. I highly recommend research into Paleo eating and starting with dietary changes. Believe me, I’ve done Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem, just trying to eat better, eat less, watch my calories, all that crap, and Paleo is working for me! It helps if you and your husband make the change together, and then eventually Roger too. Right now Kendall and I have been eating Paleo since February and I’ve lost 14.5 lbs just from this change. I haven’t even started routinely exercising yet! Meagan is starting to eat what we’re eating so gradually moving her over to it as well. It seems daunting at first with the no bread, gluten free, no grains, no dairy (or just a bit here and there), but you start working it out and making changes slowly. I aimed for at least 80% of the time eating Paleo and still allowed sweets here and there, and now I’m almost 100% Paleo. I’ve found tons of really yummy recipes for Chocolate Chip Cookies/Brownies, that get me through that need for ‘sweets’. Get yourself a copy of The Primal Blueprint 21 day challenge by Mark Sisson. Easy read and makes sense explaining why Paleo works. I’ve noticed not only the weight loss, but the body aches have gone away, feel more mentally alert/awake, most days I have a good amount of energy all day long, and I haven’t been sick since I made the change. Also, buy a FitBit. It’s fun to know how much you walk in a day and it tracks your sleep as well. You’ll find it may help encourage you to do just a few more steps per day. Good luck Leah. Any time you want to chat or have questions about Paleo, just PM on Facebook.


    1. I have the LEAP diet that shows my food sensitivities. It’s just so cumbersome to start! I’m so lazy and unmotivated especially since I’d have to cut out coffee, tea and caffeine.


  3. I am thrilled that Roger loved Camp! I understand where you are right now. These are some platitudes that have been said to me in the past: One person can only do so much in a day. God did not intend us to work so hard as to not enjoy life’s journey: prioritize, and let the rest go. What’s really important will surface by itself: YOU HAVE TO COME FIRST…IF YOU CAN’T TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, YOU CAN’T TAKE CARE OF ANYONE ELSE: It’s it okay to be selfish and take the time YOU need. By selfish I mean, set aside time to exercise, even if Rome is burning. Prepare all the meals the same – If it’s healthy for you it is healthy for them.

    I don’t mean to preach at you, just share part of my life’s journey that has gotten me through the toughest of times. You may not think so, but you are much better than you were a few weeks ago! Love you, stay strong. Aunt Nancy


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