Week 9 of Summer

It seems like I miscounted the weeks in my previous blogs.   We have entered week nine of summer.  This has been a week of some resolutions:   as per the neurologist, my chronic headaches are migraines and I started medication last night and, second, as per my pain management doctor, my EMG shows severe ulnar neuropathy with the recommendation of surgery on my left arm.

Upside of neurology appointment:  he thinks the my migraines may be causing some of my back pain and, perhaps, the medication will lessen the pain (as well as stop the headaches).  Also, he was not convinced ACDF surgery is necessary.  He is the first professional who has given me that opinion.  I have a thorough appointment regarding a formal second opinion of surgery with a neurosurgeon next Tuesday.  After facing surgery for my elbow, I am hesitant about having a second surgery this year.

Next Wednesday, I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in the elbow, hand and wrist.   His nurse told me that he is scheduled out about two weeks for surgeries.  Hopefully, I can schedule a surgery sooner than later because the pain is worsening during the day, as well as the tingling during the night.  It seems like those days off I was hoping for when Roger would be back to school are coming…although I did not want surgery to be the reason why!

One thought on “Week 9 of Summer

  1. It all sounds positive! You sound so much better. Lets hope this will all have a great outcome! Love you Leah. Stay strong!


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