Today was a pretty ordinary day – work and school. However, the mood of the day changed when a mother I know reported that her husband tested positive for Covid. He was going to take a flight and first had to take a rapid test. She said he was positive around 11:30 this morning. It was worrisome and I was concerned for her and her son. However, we went about our school and work day pretty much in the same spirit.

At 1 pm I get a message that she is on her way to the ER because her husband’s lungs were bad. One and a half hours and a casual test taken to board a flight to rushing to the emergency room. I got chills. And I keep getting chills when I relay or recall to myself the situation. It is so scary and so close. This could be me.

I have to admit this is the only Covid positive person I know. I am lucky to not have been dealt the hand of knowing anyone who has passed away or ended up in the ICU during the pandemic. We are in the thick of it here in Texas and people complain daily about their rights being taken away. Who knew wearing a mask was so difficult? Do you want to know what’s difficult – not being able to breath!

One thought on “Chills

  1. Hi Leah, I had Covid 19 in October. My symptoms were not so severe. The worst was fever for 5 days and I could hardly get out of bed, but once it was over, I was fine with the exception of loosing my taste buds and sense of smell. My taste buds came back rather quickly, my sense of smell seems to get better every day, but not nearly as good as it was before I had the virus. My sister’s grandson Matthew and his girlfriend had it a few weeks ago. Matt had no symptoms what so ever and he was fine through out the entire thing. His girlfriend, however suffered diarrhea for two weeks. She’s fine now. Aunt Gail’s Daughter in Law Barbara’s son came down with it today. He’s coughing and having trouble breathing. She’s frantic, he’s only 20 or 21. So yes, it is everywhere, and most of the people I know do well. I am sorry for your friend. I hope he gets well soon. Nancy


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