The Move a LONG Time in the Making

We finally got our asses out of TX and into CO!

My husband and I (mainly I) have been talking about moving to Colorado since I met him in December of 2001. I lived here when I was much younger and in a much different place in my life. I have lost touch with most of the people I knew here and need to start anew.

We have been here almost 3 months and I am starting to feel settled. Our house is put together for the most part (except the dreaded storage room that we should venture into and start deciding what should be kept, displayed, donated or tossed). Maybe I will add that to my daily schedule that I have not yet been following!

It’s very strange being back. I have dreamt about the backdrop of the mountains and have felt like I was on vacation seeing them daily. However, work stress kinda ends that vacation feel. I have hardly driven which also makes me feel like I do not really live here (Rob tends to drive more often when we are on vacation in a new place). Plus, we are still a bit isolated socially. We have done a few social things since being here and have been venturing all over Denver Metro but that aspect does not feel like home yet.

I had in my mind that once we moved here my motivation to live a healthier lifestyle would suddenly emerge. However, my allergies are still getting adjusted (it is still MUCH better than my allergies were in TX). Yesterday when we went to Ruby Hill Park (which has a mountain view, a view of downtown Denver, and a view of dirt bikers doing tricks). Of course, my allergies started acting up. Thankfully, when we switched locale to the Santa Fe Art District, they were back in check.

Besides our adventures in Capitol Hill, which is where I lived many moons ago, I think yesterday’s trip exposed me to a new area that I really enjoyed and felt more “at home” in. I hope to go there again sans the little man (who got bored).

Well, writing on this blog has been on my to-do list for many weeks. I am glad I finally bit the bullet and typed up a little something.

Hope to be back more regularly, but I make no promises!

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