My favorite day of the week is turning into Wednesday. After work and school, Roger and I listen to music for about 3-4 hours. I let him choose what albums he wants to play. He has even learned how to put the vinyl on and use a manual record player.

He has such eclectic taste with everything from The Beatles to Anthrax to DEVO. Yesterday, we listened to Motörhead, Iggy and the Stooges, and U2. He knows so much more about the bands than I do and always teaches me something new.

I am so curious what type of teenager he will be. No, I do not want to speed up time. I wonder if he will find his people in middle school or if it will take til high school. He has friends his age but none share his musical tastes. I guess Frank Zappa is not cool in the circles of 10 year olds!

Roger is just so amazing and I’m so lucky to have this special time with him each Wednesday.

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