Dental implants = steroid mania

A few weeks ago I went to a pain specialist due to my chronic back issues. When deciding on when to book the appointment, I told her the following week I was having dental implants and will be taking steroids and antibiotics. I later commented that I had bipolar when discussing current medications. She then forewarned me of the issues that taking steroids on bipolar can have: whirling into mania. 

It worried me, of course, but was glad to be fully aware of what may happen and warn those around me. However, being aware could not stop my rages. Unfortunately, my mania consists of becoming extremely irritable and angry. It lasted longer than the five days of the regimen. I didn’t feel like myself, detested myself, vowed to never take steroids again under any circumstances, and could not wait for the cycle to end. 

After about 1.5 weeks, the mania started to subside. I was glad to have both my appointments with my psychologist and psychiatrist when the weening began. The bright side was being able to reflect on other past episodes that I never understood as being mania. 

It was a week and a half of hell but also of self-awareness. 

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