June 19, 2012 – Falling into place

Now that Roger’s therapy has begun again (this time with an interventionist who is supposed to remain Roger’s interventionist until his program ends at the age of 3), I am feeling that things are falling back into place.  Add to that the fact that Roger is starting to bond with his grandparents, I can feel myself almost able to heave a sigh of relief!

I think Roger and I function better with a consistent and full schedule.  In the next few weeks, his interventionist schedule will become a consistent M-F 8:30 start time.  When that happens, I feel our schedule will be complete and that we will know what to expect next (as much as one can).

That being said, he will be having his speech therapy evaluation in July and start speech therapy in August.  I hope that will not cause a big upheaval.

At least, July should be a very good month!

Looking forward to a time of peaceful existence…whenever that may be!

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