Me, again

Today is another post solely about me.  After yesterday’s post, I became my usual OCD self — looking up Weight Watchers, meeting times, FB groups, etc.  I ended up signing up for 3 months with meetings (there was a 20% discount).  I began my points counting yesterday and attended my first meeting today.  My stomach ached before the meeting: did not know what to expect, nervous to be weighed, and, overall, uncomfortable.  Upon arriving, they had log-in stations that are partitioned off for privacy on the scale.  The leader helped me sign-in, weigh-in, and with my paperwork.  On a positive note, I was .2 lbs lighter than I anticipated when I joined yesterday.  I was fearful my number would be higher.  Sticking with the positivity — damn, that leader, was so enthusiastic.  I am not used to happily, enthusiastic folks.  I am used to more neutral beings.

The meeting was okay and the orientation afterwards pretty unnecessary (I reviewed the app yesterday).  It was not earth shattering, but am hoping I am motivated enough to follow through.

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